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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

a). Batch detail was not uploaded by MTI for this Candidate MTI to ensure Candidate batch details are been uploaded in DGS E Governance portal as per the latest Instruction from DGS circulars. In case of delayed batch details uploading, or server issues, then MTI has to send the details to email: ‘ Then refresher shall be initiated.
a). This candidates is not due for any exam Candidates those who are not due to write exams will not be permitted

b). MTI did not make payment to the this Candidate MTI has to make the payment. In the cases of Candidate fails, or logging out due to minimising window or browsing other window or trying to change the person in between the exam, the exam result will be ‘Fail’. In this case on the next day, MTI has to make the payment, then only the Candidate can re-write the exam. Total three attempts shall be given for re-writing, with this same procedure. After third attempt, the Candidate has to do the course again with the MTI and the MTI has to upload the batch details and follow the further processes.

c). Candidate is trying to login other than un authorised time Candidates are allowed only between 9am till 5 pm

d). Candidate is trying to write exam within the course completion date Candidates can only write the exam on the last of the course or within one month from the completing of the course. During the course days, Candidate cannot write the exam.
a) Candidate is trying to log in with two or more machines At a time only one machine log in is allowed
a) Candidate had tried to browse other window during the exam This activity is not allowed

b) Candidate had minimised the exam window during the exam This activity is not allowed
a)MTI / Candidate should ensure their recent photo is been uploaded / available with the INDOs. Or the lighting is not sufficient Or the Candidate was not looking a the screen during the exam Or the camera is not focusing at the Candidate Or Candidate has tried for image malfunctioning

b) Wrong person is trying to write the exam Other than actual candidate no other person is permitted to write the exam
a) Internet failure Up to five minutes internet failure is allowed. During this allowed ‘Session out’ screen will freeze. Whenever internet resumes, freezing will be removed and Candidate can continue the exam. If the ‘Session out’ is more than five minutes, then log out will happen.
a) Candidate has kept the screen idle for more than 5 minutes.Candidate should not keep the screen idle
a) Candidate is running screen sharing application as mentioned in the message Candidate has to close all the screen sharing applications, then only system will allow to proceed for exam
a) During the exam student violated security reason and therefore exam terminated. But before violations, student has completed required pass mark criteria

Do not violate exam security features
a) Candidate has logged in and closed the browser button without continuing exam. Security features are enabled during entire period of exam. Candidate should not close the browser. If by mistake closed, then student is permitted to write the exam after 30 minutes.

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